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1, the quality of delivery on time, as a result of quality problems, time of loss caused by the supplier is responsible for compensation, quality specifications must be with the transaction standard sample and our instructions with, if not, by your responsible, the company may refuse to accept it;
2 the delivery date must be strictly, if not delivered on time, the company has the right to cancel all or a portion of the order, the company therefore suffer losses, by your company responsible for compensation;
3 this order products for the company to mold manufacturing, mold, pattern, sample the property of the company, not to die or according to the style design, production, resell others;
4 order or the condition of any change, must be in written documents shall prevail, and required the consent of the company, or invalid;
5 the same number of the same material, continuous return three, buckle artificial fee of $500;
6 incoming bad rate beyond the scope to be Division I need rework, as appropriate, collection of fees;
Terms of payment: 7
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8: do not contain tax; tax rate
9 the supplier receives this after a single day, in reply, reply is regarded as recognition.
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